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SoloGigabit is incorporated on the hosting activity in 2005 enters in the main data center of Germany located in Frankfurt an Main with our own Storage equipment in the Colocation modality, guaranteed Gigabit connectivity and under the SLA contract.

In 2008 we expanded to the Netherlands in the data center of Rotterdam (Grafix DC), with much more investment in new equipment of warehouses and dedicated servers. One day today we enjoy our own network with unlimited capacity in our own Data Center in Valencia-Paterna. A ring formed by 2 isolated trunk circuits, with the ability to multiply our bandwidth 100 times, without infrastructure costs.

To highlight the expansions of band width in the terms and hiring of new operators to our BGP. This availability of bandwidth, is only possible thanks to the dark fiber circuits that make up the ring of our Cisco Core Switches in High Availability.

All improvements and services are tailored to satisfy in every way possible. In 2005, we established a solid foundation in the hosting industry, providing competitive web solutions tailored to a wide variety of business. We know that while we remain as a customer oriented company, working to meet their technology needs in Internet services grow and improve constantly.
We have recruited and trained staff more proactive, to provide excellent support 24 hours a day.

We managed to grow by understanding and adapting to the needs of each client. It depends on our long-term success.

Dark fiber interconnects our facilities with all operators in the market with Interfaces 10Gbps, allowing us to continually grow and ensure the best market price.

Migration of our servers from Holland to our own data center in Valencia.
Guaranteeing the best service to ensure seamless connectivity and bandwidth to all our customers.

Expansion of our highly qualified professional staff for technical support.

Expansion of our service customer service and data processing systems.