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    Payment gateway per customer - Fraud Protection
    Thanks to the payment gateway per Client module we will be able to select which payment gateways a specific customer will have access to. It’s especially useful to give to the customer the ability to pay for the order that was marked as fraud.In this case our system can automatically limit the choice of payement gateways available for customer i.e: only to those that does not allow customer to ...
    FraudProtection - Fraud Protection
    Fraud protection module is a perfect solution to strengthen the defense against fraudulent orders. Our module functionalities allow us to lower fraud risk by using our past orders as reference point to distinguish potential fraud orders automatically. Who knows your business better than ourselves? We know which orders are high risk and which countries are related with the highest ...
    FraudLabsPro - Fraud Protection
    FraudLabsPro module provides the choice of over 40 elements to inspect when analyzing the transaction parameters against the fraud, such as IP address, proxy, email address, billing and shipping address, credit card, device and more. The module also uses the blacklists data and machine learning technology to improve the efficiency in detecting fraud attempts. The information provided by ...